About us

Vietnamese name: CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN ĐỊA SINH, English name: DIA SINH JOINT STOCK COMPANY (DSC): is a member company of ITAXA, established under the license No. 4103009651 of the Department of Planning and Investment promulgated on March 14, 2008. The transaction office of the company is located at No.19 Vo Van Tan, Ward 6 – District 3 – Ho Chi Minh City. Main business lines: Exports-imports of printing machinery, equipment and materials. Wide-format digital printing business.

With a team of engineers and skilled technicians in its business field, Dia Sinh Joint Stock Company has step by step improved the quality of services, rising to assert its position in the domestic and foreign markets over the past years. The more than 30-year experience in the offset printing business of the parent company ITAXA, has created for Dia Sinh Joint Stock Company a solid foundation and step by step growth in the exports-imports of printing supplies, making Dia Sinh become a prestigious importer directly distributing printing materials and equipment such as: Printing paper – Printing plate – Printing ink – Printing rubber imported from countries in the world such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, Korea (Republic), China and Taiwan.

Along with the modern digital equipment and machines of Japan, Dia Sinh Joint Stock Company is always trusted by customers and known for its high-quality wide-format digital printing products on various materials such as Hiflex, Decal, Silk, Backlit and PP. With the motto COOPERATION – SHARING – SUCCESS, Dia Sinh Joint Stock Company is honored to be a reliable partner of every business.