CTP Plate

CATEGORY: Offset Plate

Bocica CTP Plate uses high-quality aluminum plates with a complex granular structure and thick oxidation layer formed by a special method. The plate has the following advantages:

Environmental friendliness

The light-sensitive layer of Bocica CTP Plate is constructed with a unique structure and the tram is formed during laser printing with high sharpness. It is suitable for printing high-end publications. In comparison with the traditional zinc plate, the Bocica CTP Plate reduces the negative impact on the environment and is not harmful to users.

Precise re-production of tram

With a unique granular structure that ensures high adhesion of heat sensitive surface coatings on the plate surface. This not only improves the durability of the plate but also helps to precisely reproduce the tram, ensuring the print quality in high-end publications, significantly reducing printing costs.

Easy to use, high compatibility

Bocica CTP Plate is easy to use, without the film release, and has the short release time, thereby helpings improve work efficiency. CTP Plate is compatible with various lines of zinc printers in the market.


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